Forivor's organic bedding is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards in India. The cotton is rain-fed and grown without the use of toxic pesticides - reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment for the people and wildlife dependent on it. 

When we place our order the cotton is made into fabric especially for us. It is then printed, cut and sewn all by people who are paid a fair wage to ensure a sustainable livelihood for them and their families.

Once the production is finished our duvets and blankets are sent by sea freight to reduce carbon emissions.

Once there was aridity and despair. Now there is water money and hope. “Earlier we used to keep
digging and digging and get nowhere. The soil and water table were completely depleted and all we
got was dry mud”
 rues Sriram Rajajee Tulsapuri¨ a farmer from the Yavatmal district of the Vidarbha which  is notorious for its arid soil and depleted water table but Tulsapuri smiles as he surveys his green cotton fields