Many of us remember our first duvets with fondness and we hope Forivor’s bedding will become long-lasting family heirlooms, whose magic is passed from one generation to the next. For us this is about storytelling that links one generation to the next but also about reducing waste to landfill.

At the heart of Forivor’s philosophy is a commitment to supporting and inspiring the protection of our natural world and all the wildlife that belongs to it, while providing an opportunity to learn and explore our imaginations. We believe in protecting the biodiversity of our planet for the adults that our children will become, and in doing so,  encourage them to become responsible guardians of the natural world.  

We only use rain-fed organic cotton sourced from small landholders, which is grown without the use of toxic pesticides that are harmful to human health and wildlife. Our Character Cards are printed in Oxford by an award-winning and innovative environmental printer.

Our collections to date celebrate British woodlands and British marine wildlife, in the future we plan to take children on a journey through our designs to other at-risk habitats such as the Amazon and the Arctic.