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Back to school, back to cosy

| Mandeep Singh


We (Rebecca and my family) have just returned from a couple of nights in the beautiful Mawddach Estuary in west Wales. We camped and cycled the Mawddach trail and clung on to the end of summer, despite the much needed onset of rain while we had one last dunk in the salty sea. 

Back home, I've half unpacked our camping gear (which consists of a lot of Forivor blankets!) and I'm already feeling excited about getting clean bedding out of the cupboards and making Remie and Taryn's beds all cosy ahead of their first day back at school tomorrow.

Having used our Forivor bedding for many years now, Alice and I often talk about which products we like the best and get the most use out of. Our duvet sets probably don't get as much attention from us in these newsletters or on social media because they can be harder to photograph and bedtimes are a private quiet time that I don't often feel like interrupting by taking pictures.


Despite their slight lack of an online presence, I absolutely love the duvet sets and I particularly appreciate them at this time of year when we start the slow retreat back to routines and cosy autumn evenings.

When I first had the idea for Forivor back in 2012, I wanted to harness the power of children's bedtime for positive change. I remember how much it meant to me to make my bed my own world when I was little. I constructed a palatial awning over my bed with a deep red velvet curtain over my duvet cover that was covered in (quite garish) lions and flowers.

Alice and I designed Forivor's duvet sets to be something both parents and their children can fall in love with, and spend a whole childhood exploring all the details together. Every night when I tuck my children in (before they clamber back into my bed), I feel so proud of what we've created because of how much me and my kids love bedtime (in part because of Forivor).

I hope those of you that already have our duvet sets, love using them as much as we do and that they have encouraged or inspired learning about nature and storytelling like I hoped they could. Please do send us pictures, thoughts or comments from your children if you would like to because nothing makes us happier! For those of you that don't have our duvet sets yet, as a mum of two young children I can honestly say I love using them every single day. Beautifully soft and absolutely full of Alice's gorgeous illustrations that are both soothing and absorbing.

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