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Forivor Book and Character Card Sets

We are delighted to announce that you can now purchase our Space Above the Ground book and character cards to accompany purchases of our jersey and muslin blankets in our signature designs, as well as when we offer our bedding sets in the Perfectly Imperfect Sales when these are not included. 

On one side of the cards, children and their parents can learn about the different wildlife on the daytime side of the Enchanted Forest and Legends of the Sea design. Interesting and memorable facts are accompanied by top trumps style facts such as their average weight and height and the sound they make. Turning over the cards, the wildlife have transformed into magical creature with storytelling cues encouraging children to make up their owns stories about the Forivorland kingdoms and its inhabitants. 

Our Space Above the Ground book begins with a short story, following the nighttime adventures of three children up into the ash tree, into the night sky and the strange creatures they meet along the way. Illustrated with a series of original images by Forivor's Alice Ruby Ross they offer children another insight into Forivorland's magical world.

To encourage children's curiosity about the sky and its inhabitants, the planets and the weather, we interviewed experts on the themes of migration, metamorphosis, the weather, youth climate activism and astronomy. These include the incredible Flying Swan Sacha Dench, Dr Sarah Beynon from The Bug Farm and Jane Scotter from biodynamic farm Fern Verrow among others.

The cards and book are printed at the award-winning Seacourt Printing in Oxford, achieving zero waste to landfill and recognised as one of the most sustainable SME in Europe.

Please note the cards already accompany our Legends of the Sea and Enchanted Forest and quilted blanket and duvet sets while the The Space Above the Ground book accompanies the duvet and quilted blanket sets.