Our Story

Rebecca Monserat and Alice Ross Co-founders of Forivor and designers of award-winning organic kids bedding
Rebecca Monserat (left) and Alice RubyRoss (right) met serendipitously in 2014 and launched their first Forivor collection in 2016. Named after Rebecca’s father Ivor, the concept for the brand came to her in that elusive moment between being awake and falling asleep.

With a childhood immersed in the nature of the Welsh borders, Rebecca's uncompromising approach to putting the planet first in production was cultivated during her time with British designer Katharine Hamnett and through her work with the charity, Environmental Justice Foundation.

Inspired by her love of children's books and art history background, Alice's illustrations take children on a journey from day to night, where transformation and the unexpected reign. The pair have built a model for the future, weaving their stories into delicately hand-drawn keep-forever bedding. Alice and Rebecca invest time researching, drawing and creating stories around each new signature design, transcending trends to become timeless classics. Finding the perfect place in a child’s room, a family’s sofa or for adventuring into the great outdoors.

"We want Forivor to tell the positive story of humankind and nature; we feel hopeful about changes that can take place with responsible production and a lot of imagination"

Since working together Rebecca and Alice often get told they look like sisters, are champion sleepers (when they can be), have discovered a mutual love for anything pickled (even eggs). As well as being a great team, they have become really great friends.

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