The Forivor Concept


Forivor's storytelling organic reversible bedding transforms from day to night, transforming from a daytime world full of nature to a magical world children can dream in.

Our three collections were designed to provide a magical backdrop to childhood. The day to night design of the quilted blankets and bedding sets are accompanied by a set of character cards or a storybook. We created these to encourage exploration and understanding of the habitats, themes and wildlife of each collection.

On the daytime side of our designs children can learn about the wildlife and their conservation status with the accompanying character card. Turning over your bedding reveals a transformed nighttime ‘Forivorland’ scene. The other side of the character cards or storybook introduce the magical powers of Forivorlands’ mythical inhabitants and give storytelling cues to encourage children and their parents to create their own bedtime tales. 

The concept is designed with the belief that we need the best creative minds to solve the many problems facing the future of our planet. We believe that children who develop a love for nature and expand their creative minds when they are young will be best placed to be part of a responsible generation, who prioritise the protection and regeneration of our planet.