Forivor X Martina Spetlova Quilted Tote

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  • £140.00
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We are proud to have worked with the designer Martina Spetlova to launch a limited range of this unique, practical and stylish tote. Our collaboration has come from a shared passion to tackle the 'take-make-waste' model of production and eliminate waste from both of our practices.

A limited amount of the quilted bag has been made in the UK by a highly skilled seamstress Rita Daukantiene who Forivor and Martina have worked closely with for several years. Constructed from off cuts from the production of our organic bedding, it is soft, durable and has lots of space to meet all of your daily needs throughout the year. Each bag is one of a kind, depending on the panel of material that has been used and you can chose from a daytime or nighttime version of the design you select.

All the trimmings on the bag are remnants from Martina's own bag making process. There's even a handy elasticated cord and clip for your keys, so you never have to search for them in your bag again. Inside, you'll find large pockets and a handy water bottle holder.

There's also an additional bag made from either discarded garden parasols or tents, which have been rescued from going to landfill. These extra bags have been designed to be multipurpose, for collecting litter at the beach , packing up your wet swimsuit and towel or grabbing some unexpected shopping on your way home so you don't have to buy a plastic bag if you're caught short.

You can choose a bag from our three designs, The Space Above the Ground, Legends of the Sea and the Enchanted Forest in either a daytime or nighttime theme.

Please note that due to the nature of production, each tote is unique and the photographs may not correspond completely to the bag you receive. The Enchanted Forest tote is only available in the nighttime theme.

Quilted bag exterior and lining made from organic cotton 318 Thread Count cotton satin with recycled polyester wadding.

 L: 54cm H: 36 W: 15cm

Inner Bag made from discarded parasols or tents saved from going to landfill.

L:65cm X W:53cm

We recommend spot washing wherever possible and only machine washing when absolutely necessary, this increases the life span of all textiles and reduces carbon emissions and water use. Machine washable at 30 degrees, please hang to dry if possible to protect the planet. There will be a very small amount of shrinkage over time and some loss of colour, depending on how often you machine wash the bag.


The factory we partner with in India works to negate all harmful aspects of production. The GOTS certified organic cotton used in our bedding is primarily rain-fed and the factory is working to reduce their production water usage by 20% each year. The dyes used in our digital print are organic approved avoiding producing any harmful by products. Only bio-degradable packaging is used to ship the bedding safely from our supplier in India to us in the UK.

Housing is provided for around 50% staff with free water and electricity with plans to increase this to 100% in the next few years. Importantly, during the Covid Pandemic they continued to pay their staff 100% of their salary.

Forivor is committed to doing more as we become a more viable business, moving from a fledgling company where we were ourselves finding our way to understanding where we can have an impact and what we can change within our own products and supply chain to have a more positive impact.