The Delightful Duvet Flash Sale - Forivor

The Delightful Duvet Flash Sale

Our Delightful Duvet sale is now live!

30% off our duvet sets from Friday 10th November - Monday 13th November 

Our wish is for Forivor's bedding to become lifelong companions and part of the fabric of your families and loved ones lives.

We created our duvet sets by remembering how evocative and special our own memories were of our childhood bedding. We wanted to create a world that children and families could feel immersed in, comforted by and remember for the rest of their lives as a way to connect back to their childhood.
Each reversible, organic duvet cover comes with a pillow slip. You can also choose the complete set which is presented with character cards or a special storybook in a beautiful suitcase.
A whole lot of love has gone into our bedding and we trust they'll be with you for a lifetime.
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