Legends of the Sea Character Cards

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This set of cards, presented in an organic muslin pouch are designed to accompany Forivor's Legends of the Sea collection. 

On one side of the cards, children and their parents can learn about the different wildlife depicted on the daytime side of the Legends of the Sea design. Interesting and memorable facts are accompanied by top trumps style facts such as their average weight and height and the sound they make. Find out how the Common Cuttlefish confuses predators with it's ink and how the Long-snouted Sea Horse uses it's snout like a vacuum.

Turning over the cards, the wildlife have transformed into magical creatures with storytelling cues encouraging children to make up their own stories about Forivorland's underwater kingdom and its inhabitants. 

The cards already accompany our quilted blanket and duvet bedding sets, however you may want to add these cards to purchases of your jersey and muslin blankets in the main designs, as well as when we offer our bedding sets in the Perfectly Imperfect Sales, when the accessories are not included.

The cards are printed at the award-winning Seacourt Printing in Oxford, achieving zero waste to landfill and recognised as one of the most sustainable SMEs in Europe.

Style of pouch is dependent on the available offcuts of fabric at time of production and may not be the same as the image here.