Forivor at Home: Jody

| Rebecca Monserat
In our third installment of our 'Forivor at Home' series, we meet Jody Farthing who lives with her family in Somerset. Jody has been a Forivor customer since finding us five years ago when looking for bedding for her eldest son. We've loved finding out a bit more about how our bedding has become part of their family life and how its use changes over the years right from those early baby days to den building for two brothers exploring the world through adventure and play.
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Who lives in your house and where do you live?
Myself, my husband, our two little boys Finley (7) and Alfie (3), and not forgetting our lovely yellow labrador Indi.

Jody with her boys Alfie and Finley

We know being a mum is a full-time job, do you work as well or if you get time to yourself what would you ideally be doing?
Alongside being a busy mummy to two boys, I work part time in my dads company helping with the administration side of things. When I have any free time you'll find me crafting, I particularly love sewing. For me crafting and creating is relaxing and wonderful for my mental health.

Jody with her boys Alfie and Finley

How and when did you discover Forivor?
I discovered Forivor bedding when my eldest son was 2 and moving into his toddler bed. I wanted to find something sustainable, ethically made and organic (particularly important as my son has ezcema). I also wanted something that would look magical and enchanting and make him feel safe and secure... Forivor enchanted forest quilt was perfect.

When my youngest son was born, I then bought one for him too.

Boy snuggling on sofa with Forivor Enchanted Forest blanket

 What was your childhood bedroom and bedding like?
I shared a bedroom with my sister when I was a child. A lot of our bedding was preloved from our older cousins. My main memory from our bedroom was that it always felt cosy and safe. Our wallpaper featured enchanted castles and mythical creatures, which prompted our imaginations...

Are there any parts of your childhood that have influenced the way in which you parent your own children?
The importance of imagination and creativity as well as a love of nature and the outdoors was a huge part of my childhood and things that I also encourage with my boys. Nature is the best playground.

Alfie and Finley on a swing in the woods

 How do you use your Forivor bedding in daily life and what makes it special?
We have 3 quilts (Enchanted Forest, Legends of the Sea and Badgers and Crowns), pillows slips as well as the cotton suitcases (as we call them) and beautiful card sets.

Our forivor quilts are used every single day. We use them for snuggling up for bedtime stories, dens, family movie nights and of course on the boys beds.

They always come on holiday with us as they are like huge comfort blankets! I have yet to find a quilt that is so soft. The illustrations are so beautiful and they often prompt conversations and stories about the animals.

When we go away the boys use the cotton bags as suitcases. In fact, we used one for 'baby's things' when I went into hospital to give birth to my youngest, Alfie. I hope our quilts will be passed down for generations to come.

Forivor blankets making a perfect play den

  Is there anything you would like to see Forivor explore in a new collection or products you wish we made?
Next on my wishlist is a hot water cover, I think these were a fantastic idea to bring to the collection.
What I'd love to see in the future is quilted jackets, they would feel and look amazing ❤️

Alfie with his Enchanted Forest Forivor blanket

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