Forivor at home: Larissa

| Rebecca Monserat
In the second of our 'Forivor at Home' series we meet (I) Rebecca's friend Larissa. I met Larissa at the Environmental Justice Foundation in London where we had a lot of fun and worked very hard campaigning to end illegal pirate fishing, environmental and human rights abuses in the cotton industry and climate refugees.

In 2012, we took a sabbatical together to travel from London to Hong Kong by train where we hiked through Siberian forests, rode horses in the Mongolian outback, ate some strange eggs and enjoyed the bright lights of Beijing and Shanghai. 10 years later and we are still firm friends despite living in different countries and are currently plotting some new adventures together.

Larissa and I in Mongolia in 2021

Who lives in your house and where do you live?
We're a British-Canadian family of 4 plus King Kpelle, our Liberian cat! Myself (Larissa), Duncan, Eden (6) and Skye-Elizabeth (4) and we live on an island in Norway's Oslo fjord called Ulvøya which translated means Wolf Island although we've not spotted a wolf yet ;-)


What do you do?
I do what I love which is really a treat. I have two small companies, one is an adventure travel advisory called Another World Adventures which helps adventure seekers realise extraordinary journeys and unusual travel dreams. And the other is a PR and Communications agency called This Chapter which supports organisations working to protect our planet. Projects range from scientific expeditions in the Arctic to tackling ocean plastic pollution, illegal fishing and most recently an incredible people-powered effort to pass a relay baton from Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh over 7,767km containing a message on climate education from young people to world leaders at COP27.

What was your childhood bedroom and bedding like?
One of my favourite childhood memories was a surprise bedroom make-over when I was around 9. The room had a band of wallpaper trim of jungle animals and an amazing chair that looked like a big pair of lips. Gotta love the 80s! I'd lie in bed making up stories of the animals on the paper wrapped around the room and I'm sure it inspired a lifetime love for nature and natural history. And some very good sleeps!

Are there any parts of your childhood that have influenced the way in which you parent your own children?
So many! I learned when I was young that life can change in a heartbeat and when someone is gone all we have left is the memories, so it's important to make them count. We grew up with long summer holidays camping in France - it was wonderful. During those times we had so many experiences, moments to grow, memories to treasure forever. Plus, my grandad was a great inspiration, he lived, worked and travelled all over the world and would say to me again and again, travel is the greatest education. Duncan and I decided even before having kids that if we were lucky enough to have our own family that we would go all-in for a few years and travel together while the kids were young enough to still want to hang out with us. We started saving ten years ago and last month we took ownership of a 49ft sailboat that will take us around the world. We will set sail from British Columbia in Canada in summer of 2024 and will keep going as long as we're still having fun and there's any coins left in the meter. The dream is to be able to have a very special period of time together as a family, boat-schooling and teaching the kids as we go, no doubt learning from each other, and along the way contribute to citizen science projects and ocean conservation, our other great love. I hope in part that the chance for Eden and Skye to grow up for some time in a boat environment will teach them some life skills about being resourceful, thoughtful, the power of nature, and a break from what can be an overwhelming material culture out there. I want them to learn to be self-sufficient, to respect nature, not to be wasteful, to take care of things, to mend them, to be responsible - but still have fun! We call ourselves the Freerange Crew

What Forivor products do you have and are there any you wish you had?!
We have the quilted blankets Enchanted Forest and Legends of the Sea and have sent lots of quilted blankets to friends over the years as we love them so much! We wish we had it all lol - I think the large muslins will be perfect to have on board for our voyage!

How do you use your Forivor bedding in daily life and what makes it special?
The blankets are used every night on the kids' bed. It's something of a ritual to turn them over before lights out. They turn up as capes and costumes, den canvas and picnic rugs constantly. If we travel anywhere (which is often) they come with us.

You are an adventurous family - how does Forivor feature in your family expeditions?
Well, I'd say it features in about 20% of our packing allowance as the blankets are not to be left behind!  - from long mountain road trips in Norway, they've kept toes cosy during deck camps while sailing in Sweden, been snuggled into on the wild beaches of France, and journeyed all over British Columbia, Canada.   

Is there anything you would like to see Forivor explore in a new collection or products you wish we made?
.... wallpaper bands.

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