The Legends of the Sea

The Legends of the Sea

Designed in the UK, the Legends of the Sea collection features a calming seascape brimming with marine wildlife to captivate young sleepyheads. Turning over your bedding at night, the underwater world and its inhabitants have transformed into fantastical creatures ready to encourage storytelling and inspire magical childhood dreams to remember.

All the incredible fish, sea grasses, seals, whales and molluscs in the Dayland side of the design are based on real underwater wildlife found in Britain’s seas. As research for this collection, we went to Anglesey Sea Zoo in Wales to learn about the wildlife in Britain’s coastal waters and to find inspiration of the characters. Children can enjoy learning about all the underwater wildlife in the character cards that accompany the duvet sets and quilted blankets.

As you get into bed at night, Dayland transforms into Forivorland, a place where the creatures you have got to know take on magical powers in an underwater city lit by jellyfish and anemones. Use the character cards to find out what they get up to once the moon sets over the rippled waters, the orchestra starts and Olive the Octopus lights up her tentacles. Here is a wondrous place where nature meets mythology, folklore and the unmapped terrain of the sea.

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