The Space Above the Ground

The Space Above the Ground

Forivor’s award-winning The Space Above the Ground design is a love song to the air around us and all the creatures that inhabit it. From worms in the ground, fish in the sea to birds that soar through our skies, air is the universal thread that binds us all. Our new collection tells the story of three children and the creatures they meet one starlit night, all brought to life in a special book that accompanies the quilt and duvet bedding sets. 

On one side of our soft bedding, three children can be glimpsed among the large branches of an old ash tree, finding faces in the cloud formations and spotting birds.
Around them, an assortment of caterpillars and beetles travel along the branches, preparing to transform for the nighttime adventures that await them.
Turning over your bedding at night, giant moth-air balloons carrying children rise up in a star lit cosmos. The caterpillars have transformed into regal moths and a pair of trumpeting bees guard the magic pink sap of the ash tree.

A special storybook accompanies each bedding set and brings to life the exciting adventures of the three children and all the creatures of Forivorland. The book also introduces the fascinating themes of the collection to children, from the stars up high to the ecosystems of insect pollinators and the awe inspiring journeys of migratory birds. 

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